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Steeplechase Track Events

Track events are walking and running events with the results marked by time. At the First Ancient Olympic Games in 776 BC, there was only one event running. Since then, track and field events have become main events of Olympic Games.

Sprint was the only athletic event at the First Ancient Greece Olympic Games in776 BC, during which the distance of running was 192.27 m, 600 times of the foot length of Hercules, Today’s sprint originated in Europe and was first included as a formal event in the 1850rint began from the Amsterdam 1928 olympic Games.

Middle and Long Distance Running
The first middle distance running was formally contested in London on Nov.1, 1,847 Olympic middle distance running includes 800 m running and 1500 m running. Men’s events were included in the Athens 1896 Olympic Games, and women’s 1500 m running was introduced into the Munich 1972 Olympic Games. Long distance running first occurred in the Pro competition held in 1,947. Olympic Games set men’s and women’s 5000 m and 10000 m. Men’s events were formally included in the Stockholm 1912 Olympic Games, women’s 5000 m running was first shown in the Atlanta 1996 Olympic, and women’s 10000 m running was included in the Seoul 1988 Olympic Games.

Relay is the only team event in track and field events. Each team consists of four runners running the same distance. Relay was first included in the London 1908 Olympic Games.

Hurdles came from the game of English shepherds jumping over sheep pen. Hurdle race was already an Olympic event early in the Athens 1896 Games. There are hurdle items with different heights for men and women in Olympic Games. An athlete must jump over10 hurdles (L-shaped) in the game, during which touching hurdles are not considered foul, unless the hurdles are pushed down intentionally with a hand or a leg.

Steeplechase emerged in the UK during the 19th century. Olympic steeplechase 3000 m long on the track in the whole course the runners must get across 28 obstacles and 7 water pools. There are 5 obstacles evenly distributed in each circle. Men’s steeplechase made its first Olympic debut in the Paris 1900 Olympic Games. Women’s 3000 m steeplechase also be included in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Race Walk
Race walk originated from Britain and made its first Olympic debut in the London 1908 Olympic Games. There are two core rules for race walk: an athlete must always keep one foot touching the ground, and the front leg must remain unbent from the moment of touching the ground till getting vertical, all the while without bending the knee joint. In competition, the jumping up and bending of knee joint of an athlete will be given serious warning. The qualification of game will be annulled after three times of serious warning.

Marathon is a place of ancient Greece. In 490 BC, the Greek Army defeated the Persian Army at the Marathon Battle and Pheidippides, a Greek soldier ran from Marathon to Athens to inform the people of the victory, and fell down dead after this arrival. This story inspired the event “marathon” which was introduced in the First Modern Olympic Games -the Athens 1896 Olympics in memory of Pheidippides, who guarded the responsibility by his life. The standard distance of Marathon has been 42.195 km since the London 1908 0lympics.

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