Table Tennis

wanghao ping pang

Table tennis began in the UK with cigar-box lids as rackets and a carved champagne cork as a ball; later the ball was replaced by a hollow celluloid ball that was taken by Scottish cross-country race athlete James Gibb from America. It is also called PingPong for it makes the sounds of “ping” and “pong” on the wooden rackets. The event made its first Olympic debut in Seoul in 1988.Table Tennis is an important Events in Beijing Olympics.
Singles competition is completed between two players and adopts the best of 7 sets in the elimination series.
Doubles competition is completed between the two-player teams and adopts the best of 5 sets in the elimination series. The ball must be served from the right side of the table and arrives at the right side of the opponents’ table over or round the net.
Audience Etiquette
Audience must keep silent as a ball served till this ball is not in play. Do not applaud, cheer, wave a flag or slogan, or take pictures with a photoflash lamp.

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