Basketball is a popular team sport played worldwide by people of every age. It’s a game that involves shooting, passing, and dribbling. The goal of basketball is to try to score points against the other team by propelling a ball through a high hoop. While competitive basketball is primarily an indoor sport, played in a standard basketball court, less regulated variations have become more popular as an outdoor sport played among friends purely for entertainment purposes. Basketball is one of the most important Beijing Olympic Events.

Basketball Basketball palaying

Basketball was first played in America in 1891. The splendid dunk and pass show the skills of individual and teamwork ability. This game is especially favoured amongst young people. Men’s basketball was played in the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games for the first time; and women’s basketball was formally contested as an Olympic event in Montreal in 1976. Basketball competion is between two teams, five players on each side; there’s a captain and even substitute players. A game is made up of four’ sessions; each session has 10 minutes to play.

Audience Etiquette
Interactions are necessary for a basketball competition, which can arouse players’ enthusiasm. Audience should be passionate but not manic, and enthusiastic but not out of control.

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