Beijing Olympic Village

Olympic VillageOlympic Village, also known as the Athletes’ Village, is the palace of accommodation for participating athletes officials and working staff. The Beijing Olympic Village covers a construction area of 525,000 square meters, with a total of l, 890 housing units, and is divided into the Residential Area and the International Area. In the Residential Area, there are related service facilities including a comprehensive clinic, restaurants, a multifunctional library, a recreation center and a recreational sports zone besides athletes’ apartments. The recreational sports zone includes gymnasium swimming pools, tennis courts and basketball courts. The International Area is the place where welcome ceremonies for coming delegations and other reception activities are hosted. During the Olympic Games the Athletes Village will open from July 27 to August 27, housing over 10,000 athletes, coaches and delegation officials from more than 200 countries and regions in the world.
Formation of the Olympic Village
In the 8th Paris Olympic Games in 1924, French built a row of wooden houses in the stadium to accommodate participating athletes, which became the rudiment of the Olympic Village. In the 10th Los Angeles I932 Olympic Games, the US, for the first time in Olympic history, provided accommodation for all of the participants and the working staff, which was entitled the ‘Athletes’ Village’ right after the Games. Later, the IOC stipulated in the Olympic Charter that the host country shall provide quality accommodation for athletes particularly and arrange athletes and officials of sports teams to reside together and that the Athletes’ Village shall be within easy access to the main stadium and the training center.
Location: To the northwest of Olympic Green Central Zone, north end of the Beichen West Road Chaoyang District.
Get off at Olympic Green Station of Subway Line 8.

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