National Aquatics Center

Beijing Water Cube National Aquatics Center

National Aquatics Center called the “Water Cube” covers a construction area of 80,000 square meters with a capacity of 17000 seats, 6,000 permanent and 11,000 temporarily set up for the Olympics, The facilities in the center are featured by user-friendly and end energy-conserving design, for example, the surface of the road between the competition pond an the warm-up pond has been designed in such a special and considerate way that the athletes will feel comfortable and not cold when stepping on it. The center will be host to swimming, diving and synchronized swimming during the Olympics.

Water Cube
The assembly system of the vertical surface mad from ETFE of the ‘Water Cube’ is so far the largest scale of its kind, with the most complicated structure and the most comprehensive technologies all over the world. It is the largest natatorium in the world.

Origin of its Name
Water Cube is like ‘a square box” containing countless ‘water bubbles’ and ‘water molecules’ inside. Following their inspiration, designers of the project hit on the idea of the water cube. The English name “Water Cube” reflects both the quadrate shape and its relevance to water. After careful consideration, the exact and concise Chinese name “Shui Li Fang” meaning Water Cube is adopted in the end.

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