Beijing Olympic Garden

Beijing Olympics Garden (Chinese: Beijing Aolin Pike Gongyuan) is located in the northern tip of Beijing central axis. Beijing Olympic Garden covers 860,000 square meters, with Olympic spirit about its health houses. Asian Games Village is also nearby it. When travel to Beijing, Beijing Olympic Garden is one the the best and must places for a Beijing Vacation. It is said that Bird's Nest(inside the Beijing Olympic Garden) is the new wonder in the world.

Beijing Olympic Gardens are the main site of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Olympic Village and nearly half of the Olympic venues are located inside Beijing Olympic Garden, including National Stadium (Bird's Nest) where the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony of 2008 Olympic Games were held and National Aquatics Center (Water Cube). Other Olympic venues include National Indoor Stadium, Olympic Green Tennis Centre, Olympic Green Archery Field, Olympic Green Hockey Field and Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium.

Beijing National Stadium, located at No.3 Jia Anding Road, Chaoyang District,Beijing, was designed and built with a shape of Bird's Nest, so people named it with Bird's Nest. When one says Bird's Nest, we will know he refers to Beijing National Stadium. National Stadium, covering an area of 25.8 square meters, has permanent seats and temporary seats

To get to Olympic Garden at Beijing, you can take the Subway Line 8 (Olympic Branch Line) and get off at Olympic Sports Centre or Olympic Park. Also you can take buses to get there. Subway Line 8 is one of Beijing Subway, with a length of 4.75 Kilometers, built from North to South. All the station are from the underground. The color of Subway Line 8 is Green the will of health and harmony. The buses can get Beijing Olympic Garden includes Bus No. 82, 83, 538, 86 and etc.
  • Beijing National Stadium
  • Beijing National Convention Center
  • Olympic Sports Center Stadium
  • Beijing Olympic Green Archery Field
  • Beijing Olympic Green Hockey Stadium
  • Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Center
  • Beijing National Indoor Stadium
  • Beijing Fencing Hall of National Convention Center
  • Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium
  • Ying Tung Natatorium
  • National Aquatics Center
  • Digital Beijing Building
  • Olympic Forest Park
  • Media Village
  • Beijing Olympic Village
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