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Sanlitun is one of the latest entrants to the Beijing bar scene is Tree Lounge, a spacious and relaxed bar just off the Third Ring Road. Located within walking distance of the Singleton embassy district and the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel, the place features comfy leather booths, a seating area with one of Beijing’s few working fireplaces, and an outdoor garden for warmer weather. Evenings are dotted with mellow music provided by local DJs. The crowd is young but not always Professional.

Up the Third Ring Road, at the gate of the Agricultural Exhibition Center(at the eastern and of Dongzhimen Avenue), is the CD Jazz Cafe, run by LiuYuan, a saxophonist for rock legend Cui Jian’s band. Smaller than the original, split-level establishment, this club is cozier and adheres to CD’s original mission of providing a space for jazz and improvisational music.

North of the New CD Cafe, in front of the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel/ Landmark Apartments complex is the Hard Rock Cafe. Complete with souvenir t-shirts and some of the best Western food in Beijing.

Southwest of this trio is the Sanlitun Bar Street. The original red-hot epicenter o F Beijing nightlife, the area still attracts the city’s foreign community.

The north side of Sanlitun Road just south of the Singleton embassics (including1-rance, Germany, and South Korea) is a series of cookie-cutter bars offering music from cover bands to young, nouveau riche Beijingers.  Consider a visit to Poachers-The pub that got the whole area swinging in the micl-90s –and still packs them in for cheap beer and table-top dancing Beijing’s first fish8tchip shop, and Bar Blue, with its popular disco and rooftop terrace. The cozy Bookworm has become a Beijing institution with its large collection of books and frequency talks by well-known anchors from around the world. The venue: which moved into its next premises in late 2005, has three distinct rooms: cafe/bar, restaurant serving European food, and hangout sofa room with new books for sale. There is also a nice roof terrace. The more than 11,000 books are spread throughout The venue. Building 4, Sanlitun South Street, Gomati North Road, Chaoyang District. Tel.65899507. Jazz-Ya, as much a restaurant as a bar, is a longstanding and successful establishment aimed primarily at the capital’s extensive Japanese community, but also a fave of visitors from the West. Sample the Japanese menu for sushi or The Eastern interpretation of the concept of pizza. Look for the entrance down an alley on the east side of Sanlitun Road, near the north end of the cookie-cutter bars.

Further down the stadium road, on the west side of the Workers’ Stadium’s north gate, is Havana Cafe. This too was once a bar of choice for the foreign community, and was the first Latin-themed bar in Beijing. The favored back garden is now closed, but the mojitos still flow and the salsa still deafens its customers.

Directly facing Havana’s, on the east side of the Notch Gate entrance of the Workers’ Stadium is Vic’s, a popular dance venue featuring hip hop, R & B and top 40 tunes.

Another 50 meters on is Black Jack Garden, a taste of Lynchburg, Tennessee in northern China. Offering possibly the best selection of Jack Daniels products and memorabilia west of Japan, this is a cool space with a pool table, a reasonable flow of hippies, 30-ish Chinese and a solid, diverse selection of music, thanks to owners who work in the industry. Black Jack Garden also features a local heavy metal night heaviest music in the capital.

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