Chaoyang Peak Area

Chaoyang Peak Area

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Want to see where the diplomatic community and rich, attractive Chinese hang out? Tell your taxi driver to Lake you to “Chaoyang Gong yuan,” Chaoyang ParkChaoyang Peak Area abutting the southern and western gates of Beijing’s largest public park are now also among the preferred places to see and be seen.

For a surreal moment, cry Latinos. Just to the left of  Chaoyang Park‘s south gate. This club features a six-piece Colombian band playing live nightly, along with numerous diplomas and embassy staff from Latin and Central American nations, as well as everyone else from around the city and the globe who likes to parry. Don’t go before 10.30 in the evening. Things get started late and keep going until the curly morning. The mix of people here is unlike anything one will see this side of Tokyo.

On The west side of the park, highly stylized and very, very cool, is the World of Suzie Wong, which may have more in common with the eponymous Richard Mason novel than anyone wants to acknowledge. As one local melamine put it “get there early to put your feet up on the Ming Dynasty bed.”

Souk is a great place to chill out, listen to music and sample Micelle Eastern cuisine, including kebabs and humus. 2 Koalas, Beijing’s newest Punk Bar, has cheap drinks and a roomy outdoor seating area. The Big Easy, serving New Orleans food and live music, is at the south gate of Chaoyang Park.

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