Beijing Bar Street

Located in the northeastern part of Beijing near the diplomatic quarters, Sanlitun Bar Street came into being in 1993 and is now very popular with foreigners and young Chinese. Sanlitun Bar Street, which is known by many Beijingers for its prosperous bars, will become more worthy of its name in two years’ time.  The current residential area on the street’s western side be converted for commercial use from October 2001, with places reserved for there are 19 bars on the eastern side and 7 0n the western side. Most bars invite young and energetic bands and singers to put on live shows from 8 pm till midnight throughout the week. When night falls people come to the bars in an endless stream, chatting with friends and enjoying beer and music. Especially in summer, drinkers like to sit at tables outside and talk late into night. They either take taxis or drive their own vehicles and park them along the road, which leads to traffic jams and the sound of honks from impatient drivers. June and July are the best months for the bars. In addition to the noise pollution, security and sanitation are two other problems. Measures have been taken but the effect is small. The street committee decided to co-operate with a real estate company and move the residents out of Sanlitun. Redeveloping this residential area has been on the agenda since early 1990s. The Sanlitun residential area is composed of buildings constructed in the mid-1960s, and they have no gas supply or heating. The redevelopment project began in October 2001. The plan was to build tw0 10-12 storey high-rises.  During the period of construction, all the bars and restaurants will remain open to customers. Sanlitun, the South Gate of Beijing University and Xiyuan Hotel are the three most famous bar streets in Beijing.

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