Museum of the Chinese Revolution and Museum of Chinese History

Museum of the Chinese Revolution and Museum of Chinese History

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Museum of the Chinese Revolution and Museum of Chinese Historyis the largest building which houses these two museums stands opposite the Great Hall of the People, located on the estern side of Tiananmen Square. Both museums open from 8:30a.m-3.30 p.m. and are closed on Mondays.

Museum of  the Chinese Revolution
This occupies the north (left) wing of the building. More than 3,300 exhibits displayed on two floor, illustrated the history of the Chinese Communist Party. The collection of models, documents and materials begins with the May Fourth Movement of 1919 and movements on to the founding of the party itself, the First Revolutionary Civil War (1924-27), the Second Revolutionary War (1927-37), the Anti-Japanese War of Resistance (1937-45) and the Third Civil War (1945-49). The photographic accounts of this tumultuous period are of particular interest.

Museum of Chinese History
Occupying two floors of the south (right) wing, this permanent exhibition is an extensive survey of the evolution of Chinese history and culture shown through works of are and scientific invention. Entirely refurbished and reinstalled in 1988, the Museum of Chinese History is a national showcase for great works of Chinese art, many of them unearthed in the four decades of the People’s Republic. Through arrangements with provincial and municipal collections throughout the country, the museum can obtain on permanent loan any object considered to be a ‘national treasure’. The result is undoubtedly the most stunning display of Chinese artistic masterpieces in the entire country, and should not be missed. Sadly, the museum does 1ittle publicity and few tourists have an opportunity co enjoy it. The most exhilarating exhibits are found in the sections that cover the period up to the Tang Dynasty, including bronzes, jades, terracotta burial figures and ceramics. And while the objects are still poorly labelled, they speak for themselves. The later dynasties are displayed on the second floor.

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