China Science and Technology Museum

China Science and Technology MuseumConstruction of China’s first national science museum started in November 1984, at the junction of Zhongzhu Road and Beisanhuan Road in northern Beijing.

China Science and Technology Museum stands on 7 hectares, with the buildings occupying52,000 square metres. It is divided into eight sections: exhibits and education, laboratories, video training, research and design, information, equipment service, motor station and management. The museum has eight laboratories for experiments in physics, chemistry, electronics, biology, computer, model making, and astronomy. The aim is to develop the ability to solve problems, and to create.

It is the biggest science museum in China, and holds exhibitions to introduce modern sciences, organize experiments, hold training activities and have exchanges with science museums in foreign countries.

The laboratories are mainly for young people in high schools or elementary schools. China Science and Technology Museum will try to rouse children’s interest in science while they are young and encourage them to do experiments on their own.

There is a combined cinema-lecture room with 98 seats and a cycloramic cinema with 500 seats. A library has a reading room and 260,000 books and hundreds of magazines.

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