Beijing Muslim Tour

Everyone has different hobbies, which lead them to participate in different types of tourism they are prefer to. Some are willing to go on activities like Beijing Golf Tour and Beijing Bike Tour; Some perhaps will choose to know more about of Beijing Culture, who are most likely to explore Beijing Hutong Tour, Beijing Opera Show and Beijing Acrobatics Show, and the others perhaps have other different taste and needs.

The Islam started to spread in China since 651 AD in Tang Emperor---Gaozong. For the past few centuries, the Islam in China has greatly developed and resulted in many Muslim Mosques and sites. Now in whole China, there are over ten minorities that stick to to Islam and have their own dining, manner and way of life. In Beijing there are two main mosques: Niujie Mosque, Dongsi Mosque.
Muslim food is not difficult to find. You may find such muslim restautants like Donglaishun Restaurant, Hongbinlou Restaurant, Tonghexian Restaurant and etc. With years' experience in handling Beijing Muslim tours, we are confident in making your trips in Beijing both successful and fruitful! If all the Beijing Muslim tours mentioned here are not what you expect or like, you are welcome to contact our Beijing China trip advisors to give you customized Beijing muslim tours.

Beijing Easy Tour is a trusted tour agency for your Beijing trip, we are looking for you at any time. Do not hesitate to join us for a Beijing muslim tours. We believe our service and travel routes will make your Beijing holidays a memorable one. Welcome to join us and go on a short stop in Beijing.

In order to add more colors to your Beijing vacations, we offer many kinds of theme tour such as Beijing Kid Tour, Culture Tour Beijing, Golf Tour Beijing, Kung Fu Tour Beijing etc.

The following are Beijing Muslim Tours alway ready for you.

Classic Muslim Tour

beijing-muslim-tour-01 Tour Code: MuslimTour-01
Highlights: Muslim Tour to Forbidden City | Niujie Mosque | Great Wall

Niujie Mosque Tour

beijing-muslim-tour-02 Tour Code: MuslimTour-02
Highlights: Muslim Tour to Summer Palace | Hutong | Niujie Mosque

Beijing Highlights Muslim Tour

beijing-muslim-tour-03 Tour Code: MuslimTour-03
Highlights: Muslim Tour to Forbidden City | Dongsi Mosque | Bird's Nest and Water Cube

4 Days Beijing Muslim Tour

beijing-muslim-tour-04 Tour Code: MuslimTour-04
Highlights: Tour on Beijing largest and oldest mosque, Hutong, Great Wall, Forbidden City

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