Origin of Beijing

In about one or two thousand years BC, some small settlements s began to appear on the Beijing Sub-plain. One of them was located around the present Guanganmen area (Gate of Broad Peace) in southwestern Beijing. As time went on, Guanganmen settlement became a center for north and south communications. With the development of production and the increase in commerce, it grew into a prosperous market town in the Zhou Dynasty ( 11th 一 771st, 770th -256th century BC) , and then it was called City of “Ji” or “Jicheng”. That was probably the earliest appearance of the city of Beijing. The earliest written history of Beijing can be traced to more than 3, 000 years ago. Since there was no detailed record to prove the exact year of the city, the arguments on the topic for the exact founding year of the city of “Ji” among the historians lasted for many years. But later, according to the historical records, the historian and professor Mr. Zhao Guangxian got the result: The year when King Wu of the Zhou Dynasty overthrew the Shang Dynasty (16th-11th Century BC),and enfeoffed price Shao to the region of Yan, is the year when the city appeared. So later, according to the calendar, records, astronomical phenomena and the Halley Comet, the year of 1046 BC, is considered as the appearance year of Beijing city. In 1995, a grand celebration was held in Beijing to commemorate the Beijing city’s anniversary. Today Beijing is 3,056 years old.

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