Gubeikou Great Wall

Gubeikou Great WallWith a total length of 21 kilometres, the Gubeikou Great Wall section is located northeast of Beijing, 128 kilometres from the city centre. The section of the wall was first built in 1368 and expanded in1567 by a famous general named Qi Jiguang in the Ming Dynasty. It still retains its past magnificence, although it was broken in parts by Japanese shelling during the War of Resistance from 1937 to 1945.

This section meanders through mountains 400 to 900 metres high. Unlike other sections, it varies m width, with the widest part able to accommodate five horses walking abreast and the narrowest spot allowing only a single person to pass. A road leading to the section of the wall has been built for tourists. Many cultural relics have been discovered in the preliminary digging, including arrows, bamboo guns, stone mills and knives. They are exhibited as part of the tourist attraction.

The Great Wall Restoration Committee, jointly sponsorted by Beijing’s five newspapers and the Badaling Administration Office, was established in Beijing and first launched the drive on July 5, 1984. By September of 1986, Chinese and foreign donors have contributed neary10 million yuan ($2.7 million) to rebuild the Great Wall. The contributions have come from thousands of people from China’s 30provinces, regions and municipalities and from 26 foreign countries, in response to an open appeal to “Love China and Rebuild the Great Wall. In addition, many donors have contributed art works such as calligraphy, paintings and sculptures to the drive. As promised by the sponsors in their open appeal, prominent donors will have their names inscribed on plaques to be erected at the Badaling and Mutianyu Great Wall sites. Out of the contributions one million yuan ($270,000) was used to build a Great Wall Museum at Badaling. Construction of monuments to honour individuals and organizations whose donations exceed 500 and 1,000 yuan respectively is already under-way. A major monument, with an inscription by Chinese leader DengXiaoping in Chinese meaning “Love our Motherland and Rebuild the Great Wall” has been erected near the entrance to the Great Wall at Badaling. A monument honouring Pakistan Goverment and other foreign contributions has been erected at Wangjingshi (Looking-Toward Beijing Rock) at Badaling.

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