Great Wall Circle Vision Theatre

Great Wall Circle Vision TheatreLocated at Badaling Section of the Great Wall, the Great Wall Circle Vision Theatre was built in September 1990 and put into operation on September 2nd 1990. It was a joint-venture project managed by Beijing Great Wall Circle Vision Theatre Company – a cooperative enterprise run by Japan’s Fukuoka Keizaiboeki Company, Beijing Badaling Tourism Company and CITIC Real Estate Corporation under China International Trust and Investment Corporation (Group).

The movie shows historic relics and landscapes in different sea-sons along the 6,000-kilometre Great Wall, as well as numerous stories about Great Wall (e. g. the crowning ceremony of the first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago and the legend of Meng Jiangnu and battlefields to let viewers know the past and present of the Great Wall.

The circle screen movie has used the world’s most advanced technology. It is projected at a 360 circlar screen with stereo audio effects. In the theatre, pictures are so vivid as if you were surrounded by the real Great Wall. The historic and natural views of the Great Wall will leave you lots of imagination.
The theatre provides the first-rate service facilities and service,including foyers for domestic and foreign viewers and for distinguishedguests, air conditioning equipment and shops selling drinks and tourist souvenirs. The theatre has a seating capacity of 500. Business hours are from 9 am to 4 pm (for all seasons). Each film show lasts 15 minutes only with 5 minutes for interval between shows.
Cableway at Badaling Section of the Great Wall

China began to build a cableway at the Badaling Section of the Great Wall in 1988. The project is a cooperation between Beijing Badaling Cable car Ltd. and the Hong Kong Jinhui International Indus-trial Company. The Hong Kong side invested $ 4,950,000 and bore all the costs of the project. The Beijing Badaling Cablear Ltd. Provides the use of the land, about 10,000 square metres, worth $ 500,000.

The main reason for building the cableway is to transport visitors to the Wall. In the last couple of years, the number of visitors to the. Wall was more than 4.5 million each year. In 1988, the visitors to the Wall reached 5 million. At present, there is only a small doorway through which only a bus can pass. Almost 33,000 tourists and 800cars and buses pass through it daily during the peak season.

The cableway project consists of two parts: a 725-metre northern line with an underground station at the top and a semi-underground station at the bottom. The whole cableway is hidden in a valley. A 625-metre southern line was completed above ground and also in a valley. The tourist on the Wall cannot see the cable lines. The equipment is from POMA, a French company. The cableway was completed in 1990, it can transport about one-third of the visitors to the further watchtowers. So elderly people and both Chinese and foreign tourists can also get to the top of the Great Wall to enjoy the wonderful scenery.

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