Construction Method of Great Wall

Great Wall twists and runs mostly in the mountains and in the deserts, or runs up the mountains and down valleys. Without any use of machinery at all, it was really an unimaginably difficult job at that time, especially because some of the one blocks were as big as over l, 000 kilograms a piece in weight.
At that time, the common transportation method was to carry the building materials by backbreaking labor. The laborers had to move all the heavy stone blocks, bricks, lime and other materials up to the mountains on their bare backs and shoulders or a pole on their shoulders with two baskets on both ends. Sometimes the earth and stones were passed up from hand to hand or carried in baskets by donkeys and goats.
The large stone slabs were moved up to the mountains by means of rolling logs and crowbars. The cables were invented and considered to be more ingenious tools, so that the building materials could be carried in baskets over the deep gullies or rivers by the cables.
Since most of the work had to be done manually, the construction was very slow. A stone inscription unearthed at Badaling records that in 1582, during the Ming Dynasty, a section of 200 meters at Badaling Great Wall required several thousand soldiers, peasants and conscript laborers to finish in a whole year. So you can just imagine how hard it was when people built up the Great Wall! Lots of people died of hard toil when they built the Great Wall, and their bodies were buried side the Great Wall. That is why the Great Wall is also called “the longest cemetery in the world.”

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