Tianfuhao Braised Pork Leg

With a history of nearly 300 years, the Tianfuhao Braised Pork Leg is famous cooking meat in Beijing. The upper part of the pig’ s leg is used. The leg is first cooked for an hour in boiling water with salt, ginger, and cooking wine. Then it is taken out, washed in cold water, and put into stock from which the fat has been skimmed off, and braised until it is well done.
In 1738 a man named Liu Deshan opened a cooked meat shop with his son. And named the store Tianfuhao. They had to take turns to cook during the night. One night, when his son was on duty, he was very exhausted and fell into sleep. When he woke up, he found that the pork was over-done and the stock had become thick sauce. He managed to remove the meat, sold it when it got cold. An officer happened to buy the pork and found it very r delicious. The following day he came back again for more such pork. Finally, the father and the son changed their way of cooking and specialized in this kind of pork, and their business became flourishing.

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