Quanjude Roasted Duck Restaurant


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Hepingmen (Gate of peace) Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant is one of Beijing’s more authentic restaurants for this famous delicacy. Encompassing 15,000 square metres, this entire building is a roast duck restaurant opened for business in May 1979, the restaurant, the third branch of Quanjude Roasted Duck Restaurant(Repository of All Virtues), boasts 41 dining halls of varying sizes and can serve 3,000 customers at a time. The banquet hall can seat 400 customers, and more than 1,000 roast ducks are served each day. Hepingmen is the first restaurant in China, which serves only one main dish to occupy a seven-storey building. The chiefs in the restaurant can make over 30 kinds of cold dishes and more than 50 dishes-all using duck as the main ingredients. The oven for roasting the duck have changed from the hanging type to gas, electric and even automatic machines. Today, a duck order can be roasted automatically in several minutes. The duck are sold in halves, third or even smaller quantities. Beijing Roast Duck is the real McCoy in Beijing.

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