Lvdagunr, also called glutinous rice rolls with sweet bean flour, is one of the long-established snacks in Beijing.  Lvdagunr is from Manchu, which was the favorite dessert in the Forbidden City. It’s made up of a yellow glutinous rice, yellow bean flour and red bean, some people call it “Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour”, however it has a interesting meaning in Chinese which is “donkey swallows”. My foreign friends like it very much, it’s sweet and has the fragrance of beans.
The snack is named glutinous rice rolls with sweet bean flour because soybean flour is the main ingredient, but why it is called Lvdagunr? This is because at the end of preparation, it has to be rolled in soybean flour, which looks like a donkey rolling about on the ground and kicking up a cloud of dust.
If travel to Beijing and have not taste it is really a pity.

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