Red Theatre

Acrobatic Kongfu

Red Theater, located in Beijing’s Chongwen district, offers Vegas-style Kung Fu entertainment, complete with requisite lights, fog and bombastic music. It’s Kung Fu if Cirque De Soleil did Kung Fu. The show tracks the story of a boy who’s dropped off at a Buddhist temple by his mother and slowly grows through kung fu training and temptation into the next leader of the temple. The video above offers a better intro to the show than anything I could possibly say about it.

If you want to explore the real Chinese Martial Arts & culture, You can’t miss a great Kung Fu show – The legend of Kung Fu at Red Theatre Beijing. A high level performance with the wonderful story layout, perfect stage design, professional martial arts actors, and the real Kung fu actions and scenes. Whether you are an Martial arts enthusiast, you are strongly impacted both mentally and physically. It’s truly unforgettable experience in China.

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