Huguang Guild Hall Theatre

Huguang Guild Hall Theatre Beijing Huguang Guild Hall Theatre

The two-storey Huguang Guild Hall Theatre, constructed in 1830 and well preserved, has a square stage and more than l, 000 seats. Many Peking Opera master performers such as Tan Xinpei, Yu Shuyan and Mei Lanfang played there, a theatre where the Kuomintang Party was founded in 1912 with the leadership of Dr Sun Yat-sen. Today’ s Huguang Guild Hall has recovered its past grandeur, boasting not only a grand Peking Opera house, but also delicate decorations and winding corridors with good views of the garden. The pavilions near the opera house-Wenchangge and Fengyu Huairenguan-have been turned into a Chinese Drama History Museum and the Sun Yat-sen Studies Museum. The Huguang Guild Hall also offers special snacks from Hunan, Hubei and Beijing, as the word huguang in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) referred to the area where today’ s Hunan and Hubei provinces are. During the Spring Festival season, rituals are usually held in the hall and, of course, there are Peking Opera performances.

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