Guangdelou Theatre

Guangdelou Theatre beijing Guanghelou

With a renovated ancient opera house and specially made performances and television programmes, Beijing jubilantly celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, which fell on July l. Established in 1796, Guangdelou Theatre, the Chinese oldest opera house, has specialized in quyi balladry-China’ s various story-telling and ballad-singing arts with local characteristics. It used to be the most eminent one of its kind in northern China. In contrast to its previous look, Guangdelou Theatre today is a richly ornamental building in traditional Chinese style, boasting star-class facilities. Quyi balladry is no longer limited to ordinary people but remains a valuable traditional variety of Chinese folk arts. While the re-opening was rushed in order to be presented as a special birthday gift for the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party in 2001.

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