China North International Shooting Range

China North International Shooting Range located at Nankou, Changping District, northwest of Beijing proper, a dozen kilometers from the Ming Tombs and the Great Wall, a showcase for the country’s latest civilian entertainment attraction, opened to Chinese, compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, and foreign visitors and tourists in early 1987 is a famous Beijing Entertainment Places.

China North International Shooting Range provides some 20 kinds of light machinery weapons, of which are made in China, including pistols, rifles, submachine guns, and light, heavy and wide caliber machine guns and even the 60 mm mortar for marksmen from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and abroad. The range contains over 30 shooting platforms and a foreign guest club, a changing room, a film and video room and a coffee bar.  It also provides cable television and automatic scoring facilities. There are mannequins, moving targets, steel plates and simulated defensive shooting. Foreign guests are welcome to use one or more light weapons and hundreds of cartridges for only two or three hundred US dollars.

China North International Shooting Range is proud of the variety of machine guns to choose from including the world famous 7. 62 mm caliber AK submachine gun Type 56 and the new light weight submachine gun Type 85 weighing less than two grams.  Available at the range is the 7. 62 mm caliber sniper rifle Type 79 which is a favorite of gun lovers for its accuracy. Unlike those at ranges in the United States, Japan and some European countries, all the weapons are real military brands. Sporting guns are also available at the range.

The China North International Shooting Range occupies an area of more than 16.7 acres of land.   It is a military turned civilian project under China’s open policy and will continue to expand.

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