Chaoyang Theatre

Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic Show

Chaoyang Theatre Beijing situated in Chaoyang District of the city, had various opera and dance performances in the 80’s. Chaoyang Theatre is mainly a place for acrobatics performance. In the middle and latter half of the 1980s Chaoyang theatre was used in the respects of singing, dancing, dramas, and other big performance for guests and tourists at home and abroad, after that acrobatics became the main performance in this theatre. More than 10 years later Chaoyang theatre is a famous acrobatics brand in Beijing.
Chaoyang Theatre is a two-storied building with 22 rows in the first floor. The first floor of the theatre can accommodate over 800 people and the second floor has a capacity of housing 598 people. Chaoyang Theatre is a must-visit tourist attraction of Beijing that displays a great deal of acrobatic performances. Right from the Lion Dance to a seesaw performance, every acrobatic performance at this theatre is sure to hold you spellbound.
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