Changan Grand Theatre

Beijing Changan Grand Theatre Changan Grand Theatre

Built in 1937, Chang’an Grand Theater is located in Guanghua Changan Building, north on East Changan Street. As a modern theater with top quality, luxury and comfort, it perfectly embodies traditional styles, especially that of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and modern architectural art. Up to 800 people can be seated in this classic-oriented theater decorated with elegant red wood tables, luxurious VIP boxes and comfortable chairs. Its highlights, the multi-functional stage, the advanced sound and light facilities are computer controlled, suitable for all kinds of performances.
For tourists the Chang An Grand Theatre in Beijing has English subtitles above the stage. This Beijing opera house was originally constructed in 1937. It has been revamped and now offers a blend of ancient Chinese architecture and contemporary technology. Chang An Grand Theatre Beijing is well equipped with state-of-art sound and lighting systems. Besides cutting edge stage equipments, the theatre recreates the charm of a Ming-dynasty theatre.
Changan Grand Theatre presents primarily plays for tourists. There are special organized opera performances with translated subtitles for tourists’ well-understanding. Apart from the daily tourists special performances, there offers the traditional Peking Opera every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

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