Beijing Culture Tour

In the page of Beijing culture tour, we provides cooking tour Beijing, learning mandarin tour Beijing, fortune-teller tour Beijing, learning medicine tour Beijng, and so on. This offers you a window to know more about of China.

Beijing cooking tour--- To know more about ancient Chinese art---Cooking and learn how to make delicious Chinese food and enjoy it. Mandarin learning tour--- To learn useful Chinese for a basic communication with local people.

Fortune-teller tour---To foresee the future by fortune teller. In normal, if he tells u good luck, you can believe it and go on your life with confidence and if he saying you are bad luck, and he can help you from bad luck, you can choose not believe it and fight with his words to make a brilliant future for yourself.It is one of Chinese culture only, so do not take it too serious.

Chinese medicine learning----To get some knowledge about the acupuncture, moxibustion, massage and qigong and experience a foot massage. Beijing Paper-cut---To see the procedure China traditional folk arts--Paper Cut
Chinese calligraphy---To learn Chinese literature(calligraghy)
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Chinese Medicine Learning Tour

Chinese Medicine Learning Tour Tour Code: CultureTour-01
Tour Highlights: Learning traditional Chinese madicine

Tanzhe Temple and Fortune-Teller Tour

Tanzhe Temple and Fortune-Teller Tour Tour Code: CultureTour-02
Tour Highlights: Know your future regarding to marriage, business etc. Just for fun

Chinese Cuisine & Mandarin Learning Tour

Chinese Cuisine & Mandarin Learning Tour Tour Code: CultureTour-03
Tour Highlights: Chinese cooking and mandarin learning

Papercut and Calligraphy Learning Tour

Papercut and Calligraphy Learning Tour Tour Code: CultureTour-04
Tour Highlights: Learn China Culture: Paper-cut and Calligraphy

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