Beijing China Tours

China is one of the biggest country in the world. There are many arractions and different culture in our country maybe you have read more. Have a trip to china, you will know more and learn more about the place and person.There are many palce you can travel and have a good tour. Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin , Suzhou, Hangzhou, and other cities in China.
Beijing China Tours provides the following tours: Beijing Xian Tour, Beijing Shanghai Tour, Beijing Tianjin Tour, Beijing Datong Tour, Beijing Chengdu Tour, One Day Beijing Chengde Tour, Two Days Beijing Chengde Tour, Beijing Changsha Tour.

Beijing Xian Tour Tour Name: Beijing Xian Tour
Tour Code: BJCNT-01
Tour Highlights: Terracotta Warriors, Xian Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Beijing Shanghai Tour Tour Name: Beijing Shanghai Tour
Tour Code: BJCNT-02
Route 1 Highlights: Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Museum & Xin Tian Di, Shikumen Museum
Route 2 Highlights: Yuyuan Garden, Jade Budda Temple, The Bund, Nanjing Road
Beijing Tianjin Tour Tour Name: Beijing Tianjin Tour
Tour Code: BJCNT-03
Tour Highlights: Tianjin Liberation Bridge, Nanshi Food Street, Ancient Culture Street
Beijing Changsha Tour Tour Name: Beijing Changsha Tour
Tour Code: BJCNT-08
Tour Highlights: Hunan Provincial Museum & Yuelu Academy of Classical Learning
Beijing Chengdu Tour Tour Name: Beijing Chengdu Tour
Tour Code: BJCNT-05
Tour Highlights: Chengdu Grand Panda, Wuhouci Temple
One Day Beijing Chengde Tour Tour Name: One Day Beijing Chengde Tour
Tour Code: BJCNT-06
Tour Highlights: Summer Resort, Little Potala Palace
Two Days Beijing Chengde Tour Tour Name: Two Days Beijing Chengde Tour
Tour Code: BJCNT-07
Tour Highlights:
Beijing Datong Tour Tour Name: Beijing Datong Tour
Tour Code: BJCNT-04
Tour Highlights:

Notes: Beijing China Tour all starts from Beijing, so if you want to book tours that starts from other cities in China, you can go to our China Tours page for more information.

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