White Dagoba Temple

White Dagoba Temple

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White Dagoba Temple is situated in the western section of the city. The White Dagoba in the temple is the twin of the one on Qionghua Islet in Beihai Park. It was built in 1271 in the Yuan Dynasty, when the stone balustrades were added. The temple Shengshouwan’ansi (Temple of the Emperor’s Longevity and Safety) was erected on the site in 1279 but was burned down by a fire in 1291.

In 1457, during the Ming Dynasty, the temple was replaced by a new named Miaoyinsi (Temple of Divine Retribution), which is the White Dagoba Temple of today.

The dagoba stands in the back of the temple, and has a base more than 30 metres in circumference. The upper part of the structure is like the tip of an auger with 13 rings, topped by a round, engraved copper plate, the edge of which is hung with iron bells. A small bronze pagoda is placed on the copper plate. During renovation in1978, several Buddhist precious cultural relics of the Qing Dynasty(1644-1911) were found inside the top of the dagoba.

Towering at the top of Qionghua Islet, the White Dagoba was built in 1651 on the former site of the Palace in the Moon. At the suggestion of a famous Tibetan lama priest named Momhan, Emperor Shunzhi, the first Emperor of the Qing Dynasty agreed to the suggestion as a gesture of devotion to the Buddhist belief and a desire for unification among China’s various nationalities. The dagoba was damaged in an earthquake and reconstructed on two occasions. It stands 35.9 metres high, resting on a square base built of huge stone slabs, and is topped by two bronze parasols, with 14 bronze bells hanging around them. It resembles a huge umbrella resting on a densely-wooded island. Since it was the highest point in old Beijing, it served as a vantage point of military significance.

The Bridge of Eternal Peace was built in the 13th century in the early part of the Yuan Dynasty.

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