CITIC Building

CITIC Building

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This is China International Trust and Investment Corporation Building located next to the Friendship Store and only 3 kilometres from Tiananmen Square. The building is the first of its kind completed in 1985 to provide office and residential space for representatives of foreign business organizations operating in Beijing.

The modern 101-metre-high building has 31 storeys, two of them below ground level. Its roof garden offers a panoramic view of the city. The building has a floor space of 50,000 square metres, with 18,000 square metres of lettable office space, and 8,000 square metres of residential space in 105 apartments.

The distinctive, dark building towers majestically over the surrounding light-coloured edifices. Its upper storeys are lavishly decorated in brown colour with gold filled glass mosaic tiles. The windows are of bronze anodized aluminium with double-glazed tinted glass. The podium is three-storey high completed with anodized aluminium tinted glass curtain wall and polished black granite fascias. With its modern facilities and excellent management, the building offers luxurious and convenient accommodation to users.

The offices and apartments in the building are fully lit, and they are accessible by separate entrances and elevators. Chinese and Western restaurants are located on the top floors. The building accommodated officials of about 90 well-known corporations and financial institutions from 13 countries and regions in Asia, America, Europe and Australia.

Established in 1979, CITIC is a financial, manufactural´╝îtrading, and service institution with a four-in-one economic entity. It is a multifunctional corporation with emphasis on investment both at home and abroad. In the mean time, CITIC can also act as agent or trustee of different types on matters relating to business. With further broadening of China’s open economic policy, the improvement of China’s legal system and with the carrying out of the different reforms under way, economic and technical exchange with foreign countries will be further expanded.

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