Round City

Round City

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In front of Beihai Park is a walled compound known as the Round City, 4,553 square metres m area. There are several attractions in it, notably the Hall to Receive the Light with its Jade Buddha and the Jade Jar Pavilion in which stands a large jade jar weighing 3,500 kilos. The jar used to be Kublai Khan’s wine vessel.

Round City, 4,500 square metres m area, stands at the south gate of Beihai Park. It is surrounded by a 5-metre-high circular wall and has a distinctive courtyard with halls, pavilions and ancient trees. It was originally an islet formed from the lake excavations and served as an imperial garden.

The major building in the Round City is Chengguangdian (the Hall to Receive the Light) built during the Yuan Dynasty and renovated twice in the Ming and Qing dynasties. In the middle of the Round City is Yuwengting (Jade Jar Pavilion) with a blue roof and white columns. The Round City is of great artistic value in the history of ancient gardening in China.

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