Lacebark Pine

Lacebark PineWhen you go up the terrace, you can see an ancient pinus bungeane (lacebark pine) on your right about 20 metres tall. Lacebark Pine in Beihai Park was planted in the Jin Dynasty, one of the oldest in Beijing. The cypress trees in front of the Hall to Receive the Light are all several hundred years old. Emperor Qianlong is said to have granted titles to these ancient trees: for example, the General in White Robe, for the lacebark pine. East of the Hall to Receive the Light there is an 800-year-old tree. It is 10.46 metres high, 94.6 centimetres in diameter, shades the sun from 107. 6 square metres. Lacebark Pine was named the Sunshade Marquess by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty as he once sheltered under it on a hot summer day. A lightning rod has been placed on top of the tree, and it is still growing healthily although one of its branches was broken by heavy snow in 1960.

  In Beijing detailed records of 4,200 pine trees which are more than 300 years old, have been compiled. Similar work is also being carried out on some another 20,000 trees, aged between 100 and 300 years.

  Since 1983, detailed records have been built up listing each tree’s age, height, diameter, shade area, and environment and including photographs and any legendary story attached to the tree. The information is fed into a computer and is used for research work aiming at better protecting these aged trees.

  Local groups set up to compile records in parks, at historical sites and scenic spots are also now caring for the old trees by providing manure, irrigation and insecticides.

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